An Afternoon In LA With Nat Roser


With one of the brightest smiles on Instagram and a booming modelling career to match, Nat Roser is one of Australia’s most sought after faces.

With her laid back personality and brave sense of who she is, we felt it was only right to have Nat as one our first BOYBYHER babes to feature. Nat recently made the move to LA, so we got the chance to sit down with her at our LA base, to talk all things modelling and BOYBYHER….


You recently made the move from Sydney to LA? How has that been?

LA has been a really amazing experience for me! I’ve been able to grow my career more by meeting with new clients over here and shooting with some amazing photographers from all over the world. LA seems to be the place to be!



Any tips for aspiring models on the move to the big city?

Be patient. New city, new clients. Something’s take time and I think that cracking into a new market can be one of them. Try not to lose focus of what you want.





Was modelling something you always wanted to do? 

Not really! I started when I was very young and had never even considered modelling as an option, let alone a career! I’m so grateful though and love my job so much, now I wouldn’t want to do anything different!


Your popularity on social media is ever growing. What would be your biggest advice to young girls on how to grow and maintain a natural presence on social media?  

My main piece of advice would be, to be authentic. If you like horses, post with your horses. If you’re an amazing gymnast, show that to the world. Staying true to your interests is important because people can see who you truly are and being different is intriguing. Try not to simply follow the instagram trends and give them something unique to follow. 



Whats your ultimate go to comfort clothing when your not glammed up for a photoshoot?

Boy by her!! I love comfy, loose fitting stuff. Trackers and a jumper (sweater for all you Americans haha). I get cold quite easy, so comfort for me is something that keeps me at the right temperature. 



Whats your fav BOYBYHER piece in the new collection?

I love The Kingston pants! They are divine and perfect for flying too!

Check out the LA adventures of our Natty here…@natalie_roser


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