At Home With Aisha


For the last 3 years since her tv debut, Aisha Jade has made her mark and established herself as a brand in the Australian fashion industry.

Now kicking goals on new continents as well as juggling the launch of our brand BOYBYHER the label, we were lucky to steal some of our founder’s time to find out where it all began and what the future holds!


So you have just launched your debut collection for BoyByHer the label, as the founder tell us how the brand evolved?

The brand managed to happen quite organically to be honest. Once I saw my social media following grow on Instagram, due to my fashion, I figured the next step was to start a blog. My reasoning behind this was that I wanted to give my followers more than just one picture on the gram, I wanted to give them a story. People build up fashion in their head, that it is this really scary thing when it’s really not, I wanted to share with them the ease of my style. Hence BOYBYHER was born…The blog had been doing well for a few years and I really saw a genuine love for it so it was only a natural progression (in typical Aisha style – always reaching for more) it evolved into the label!

Being the new kid on the block, what separates you from other brands?

Being the new kid can be scary and great all at the same time…At the moment people are feeling us out, to see what BOYBYHER is all about. We have launched the debut range to coincide with the blog, we want to take our customers on a journey with us so they have a real element of love and understanding of the culture. Being real is important and we want to be more than an online store.



What are you especially proud of about the label?

I have so much to be proud of but one aspect in particular has to be that the label’s production is ethically made. The team and I felt it was an important aspect of the brand, to promote fair trade working environments and to know where it all began.

Who is BOYBYHER’S target market?

I don’t think there is a specific target market to be honest, people may think the brand is aimed at a younger audience, however, my Mum is in her 40’s and she’s rocking BOYBYHER like a boss, my Gran will be getting around in it too when I see her next. I’ve even had a massive influx of guys love and wear the brand too…That’s what excites me most about the label is we have so much room to grow.

What have you enjoyed most about setting up the brand and how can you inspire others to achieve their dreams?

What I enjoy the most is when I pull the clothing over my head and I see the BOYBYHER tags!! I kind of pinch myself and say “Holy shit, that’s mine…I created this”. I was never really good at art or writing but I can imagine it’s the feeling an artist gets when they finish a painting or an author finishes a book.

For all those out there, GO GET IT!!! If you have a desire to do something….Go out and do it. It will be one of the scariest things you will ever do but when you see it come to life the feeling will be second to none.

Who is your current style influence?

I would say lately it’s been Everyone – I love looking at other people’s street style and pulling inspiration from it. I got outfit inspo from a little kid at Universal studios the other week. She had a backwards cap and plaits in her hair and I was like “I’m feeling this look, very 90’s” So next day I was dressed in a backwards cap and plaits.




Tell us about your favourite BOYBYHER piece and why?

That’s hard because I do love them all – My favourite might have to be The Peter Tee Dress (That one’s named after my Dad)

What’s on the horizon?

As I touched on earlier, BOYBYHER has sooo much room to grow which is super exciting…Currently we are working on our next collection, with some sick new additions and in the future we are expanding to some more tailored pieces too which will be fun.




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