BTS with Yen at NYFW’17

Our BOY BY HER babe and very talented in house makeup artist Yen Hoang had the incredible opportunity to work at NYFW this September. Fresh off the flight, Yen takes us behind the scenes and tells all about her favourite shows, looks and what hot trends we can expect to hit the streets this coming season. Plus some tops tips to get us experimenting with new makeup looks!!

Out of all the shows, whose has been your number one and why did they stand out?

All the shows were incredible but The BLONDS was a standout! The whole show was EPIC from hair to nails, makeup and the collection was all sorts of Glitz and Glamour. It was sadly my last show at FW and Teyana Taylor nailed the runway opening the show!!

The makeup look was beautiful yet challenging. This seasons look was ‘Tropical’,  Kabuki’s vision was “a glamorous, futuristic version of the rainforest’. We created this with dewy, highlighted skin, an orange red blush to create the effect of a reflection from the red flower in their hair. We used a unique detail with the eyeliner which consisted of iridescent plastic cut out from clothing that featured in the collection. Every piece was hand cut and altered to each models eye shape. It was applied with a special glue supplied from Kabuki (Key Makeup Artist).

What an amazing opportunity yet demanding gig to be a makeup artist at New York Fashion Week, what brand have you loved working with the most?

I am a freelance Makeup Artist and Events Team Artist for MAC Cosmetics in Sydney, Australia. I was extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to work at NYFW with the help of the MAC team. Every show is different; their makeup looks go from one extreme to the other, which really kept that energy and adrenaline flowing. During my time I met so many talented MAC Artists/ Senior Artists from all over the world including Brazil, South Africa  and Japan, which was incredible. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, I just threw myself into the role and it is definitely one that I would do again.

You would have seen so many amazing trends this week but what has inspired you most during fashion week?

I’ve been so inspired but the one that has stood out would be the play on eyeliner, you can never go wrong with a statement liner against a luminous skin.

Can you give our readers some top tips when creating a minimal look?

My top tips for creating a minimal look would consist of following the motto “less is more”. I’m a big fan of that. Spot conceal any blemishes; I’d recommend using the Mac #219 pencil brush and then accentuate your best features. But hey it’s still okay to add more!

You have worked with so many different clients so far in your career. What is your favourite makeup look to create on others?

Well you can never go wrong with a JLO glow, however, I always love being challenged and stepping out of my comfort zone. 

When you’re creating your own personal look what are your go to products and why do you love using them?

My go to products would be Mac Strobe cream; its gives your skin instant hydration and glow, all in one tube. An eyelash curler, which gives my lashes a lift and opens my eyes. And finally a cream colour base, I use this on my cheeks, lips and sometimes I’ll use it on my eyelids for a hint of colour. It’s a creamy formula that has a sheer, dewy finish with various effects. That’s my how to do makeup in 4 minutes look.


Tell us 2 Do’s & Don’ts we should follow for applying our makeup?

DO’s When we are talking about Do’s, it is so important to prepare your skin before applying your makeup. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Remember your face is a canvas and when your skin is well prepped your makeup will glide on easier. Foundation –  my advice would always be to get a professional colour match, your skin changes during the different seasons and nothing looks worse than your face being too light or dark. DON’T’s The biggest Don’t’s would have to be sleeping with your makeup on, we’ve all been there and done it, but it’s so important to cleanse as well as let your skin breathe. Don’t be afraid to have fun and play around with different makeup techniques, makeup isn’t a tattoo and it can always be removed. So get creative!

From runway to street wear, what are the trends you can see heading our way?

We are going to see more luminous skin, graphic eyeliner and bright pops of colour featured on one element of the face.


Finally what would you say the highlight of your Fashion week experience has been?

The highlight for me has to be when I was backstage at the The Jeremy Scott Show. I was removing makeup off Karlie Kloss with Patrick Ta and Gigi Hadid casually having her hair done next to us. I was startruck alright, oh and Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie were also in the same room too!!





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